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Zip Start Bow Holder

  • $1495

The Zip Start Bow Holder’s auger has a corkscrew tip and CNC machined threads so it starts easily and then pulls itself into the tree. When you position the swing arm perpendicular to the threaded arm and use it as a lever very little effort is required to install the unit. When installed correctly the unit will not rotate from the weight of your bow even when the swing arm is positioned perpendicular to the threaded arm.

The pivot joint between the two arms has nylon washers so the unit is dead silent. We have placed a Belleville spring in the joint so it will not loosen and become sloppy with time and use. This means you bow stays where you position it!

The unit is E-coated so there is corrosion protection on all of the square tube surfaces, even on the inside. The bow hook is coated with rubber to make sure you bow is secure and will not make noise. Three strong steel gear hooks are within easy reach to hang the gear you use regularly.

With a weight of 0.76 pounds the Zip Start is 25% lighter than competing units.

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