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EZ-Aim II Ratchet Strap Video Camera Mount

  • $2495

The screw in EZ-Aim has set the industry standard for ease of set up. For those who hunt on public lands or choose not to screw anything into their trees the the EZ-Aim Ratchet Strap is the answer. The ratchet can load the strap to over 1,000 pounds so your camera does not move. The strap is 80 inches long so the unit works on trees from 4” to 26”in diameter.

The ball socket camera mount rotates 360 degrees and tilts as much as 45 degrees up and down for precise positioning. This allows you to mount your trail camera high on the tree and point it down minimizing sun problems. A high mount also keeps it out of the sight line of both people and animals for added security.

The base EZ-Aim II unit works with all Video Cameras that have a standard 1/4-20 inch threaded insert on the bottom of the camera. If your camera does not have a 1/4-20 insert on the unit, you will also need adapter kit 00-001833. The adapter requires a flat area on the back of the camera that measures 3” x 1.75” or larger. The adapter kit retails for $6.95 each either from you dealer or from ($6.95 includes shipping if ordered from the Slate River, LLC website.)

The complete package weighs 18 ounces and is compact for easy carry into the woods. (Camera not included.)

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